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Whats your favorite game?  

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"What's your favorite sport?" is a frequently asked question among sports fanatics. It's really a tough question to answer because every person has his/her own favorite team, sports, or individual just like any other sport's fan out there. What's yours?

The simple answer would be, "My favorite game is the one I'm most excited about" and that's why it's so difficult to pinpoint which game you like the most. But don't worry, it's not impossible. You can find out what's your favorite game simply by asking yourself a few questions. Here are some great questions to ask yourself to pinpoint which game you like the best:

Who's your favorite player? Do you have a running back in your favorite team? If you do, then chances are you like watching them play and cheering on their victory as well. Does the player remind you of someone that you know? Perhaps, your favorite childhood hero?

What is this game's (or any game for that matter) history? Do you love looking back through the decades and seeing how things evolved from when it first began to what we have today? Have you ever dreamed of changing your sports teams? A good question for the diehard sports fan!

How do you feel about this team's overall performance in the last several years? Are they a team that's fighting hard for a playoff spot or do you think they're a team that has a lot of potential? Is the current team coach a proven good spotter or is he/she one of those guys who'll go out there and get yelled at every chance? The last few years have been a lot of "coaching changes" for a variety of reasons. Is your favorite team's future outlook bleak or hopeful?

Do you know anyone who plays this game and loves it or is it something they just enjoy doing for a couple hours on the weekends? Are you an avid fan watching your favorite teams every single game? What does it mean to you, what does it mean to the game? These are all questions you should be asking yourself.

Your answer will probably change from person to person but it will be based on answers to these questions. If you're a diehard fan and love watching your favorite sport in HD, then the answer might not be much different than if you don't have a huge following. However, for many people the biggest factor in their favorite sport or team's choice of game will be what it means to them personally.

Some of us love one team and hate the other. Some of us have favorite players and teams that hate each other! Its really the love of the game that makes the difference here. So keep in mind, your answer to the question, "What is your favorite sport?" may not be the same for everyone else, but it will most likely be different for YOU!

Many of us fall into the trap of watching our favorite game day after day and week after week. The problem with this is that we stop watching because we get so involved! It's hard to enjoy your TV show or game when you are obsessing over it! This is a big mistake though! You need to find a way to relax every once in a while and catch up on the latest gossip!

Some people don't watch certain sports because they don't like the sport itself. For example, a lot of people don't like baseball. They feel like it's boring and they don't like watching the game. Well, its true that baseball can be pretty boring. However, you don't have to sit by and watch your favorite team play every single game. All you need to do is find some good baseball seats!

Watch some college games! College sports can be just as fun and entertaining as professional sports! The only difference is that you probably aren't going to be sitting behind the pitcher for the entire game. However, you will get to see some of the top colleges in the country! Take a moment to remember how much fun college sports can be!

Watch your favorite sport all year round. You never know when its going to come on TV! Its always great to catch up on all the action and to see who won the championship last year! Make next year's game day the best day of your life by finding some good places to watch your favorite sport!


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