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How to make a ringtone for mobile phones  

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There are many ways to acquire ringtones for free on your smartphone. For instance, if you have an android phone, then you can download ringtones through the Android Market. The Google Application Store provides a free platform where developers can publish and provide downloadable apps. The iPhone is also capable of downloading ringtones through its own iTunes store, which can be accessed through the application.


If you have a Blackberry, then there are many downloadable ringtones that you can get from BlackBerry itself. For instance, there are free ringtones for its users called Ringtones for BlackBerry. Apart from these, there are also websites that offer ready-made default ringtones for your android phone. These are ringtones that are already stored in the phone and you don't have to do anything. Just install them in your phone and voila!


An example of such free ringtone is the Zedge App. This is a ringtone replacement for the popular Ringtones. It has a good collection of over 40 million ringtones of all types including ones that are not commonly used by users. Ringtones for other platforms are available in the app, as well. The Zedge also allows users to create their own ringtones. This means that you have the choice of choosing from one of the many songs that are pre-loaded or creating your own custom song.


If you want to have your own ringtone for your phone, then you should try getting in touch with ringtone maker websites. You can download ringtone apps from their websites and get a ringtone maker license, which is required in some cases. The ringtone maker will create custom ringtones for you at a price. So, it is better to avail of this service instead of paying a large sum of money to purchase ready-made ones.

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Really nice!

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Hi! Thanks for this informative guide, i want to add that ringtones are a great option for personalizing your device and the ability to set such melodies that no one else will have, so as not to confuse the sounds of calls and incoming messages when you are in a crowded place.
Android 9.0 Pie has the ability to create custom ringtones and store them in the system memory. Even though you don't need to download any special ringtone maker
So, you have the source file. Go to device settings and then to sound settings. Here you can choose a ringtone and even set the volume for each SIM card separately
There are several applications in the Google Play Store that can do this and they all work in about the same way. You can use the Ringdroid program. Yes, it has a pretty old-fashioned design, but it's open source and runs pretty fast and doesn't get cluttered with ads. The application allows you to use any sound or song on your smartphone as a ringtone. Supported file formats are MP3, WAV, AAC and AMR.

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I don't see very much sense to make ringtone yourself today


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